Accessorize this summer with Hippie Jewellery.

Hippie Necklaces are back in season.
Summer is here! it means beaches, vacations, and sweltering heat. Retro summer fashion for the past few years seems to be the trend including this year. Sun Dress, Casual T’s, Flower Skirts, and of course hippie accessories.
Hippie accessories is a broad term these days, Generally, anything that is not of the valuable metal of European design can be considered hippie. This includes Peace symbols, Pagan, Bohemian, African and Gypsy fashion.
Accessorizing is never complete with chokers and necklaces. It has to go well with our summer bag and flip flops. Casual wear even in offices are such an in thing these days. Even without taking the weather into account, we still have to make sure that our ensemble goes well together.
Hippie fashion is cheaper too, there’s no need to pay a lot of money to look beautiful.
Eye and Skin Protection.

Summer also means stronger harmful sun rays. This is why non-metal accessories are highly recommended. Hippie fashion accessories mostly do not contain metallic parts. Peace sign aside, most are made from plastics and organic materials. The summer heat can burn your skin wearing metallic accessories.
Do not forget to protect your eyes and skin. Direct Sun damage to our skin is cumulative. Always remember to wear protection of at least SPF 40. Invest in a reputable sunscreen lotion, read reviews before you buy.
This is not only for beachgoers, some of us actually still have to work. There’s no reason why we should only wear sun protection lotion when going to the beach.
A pair of sun shades is a must when going outside for any reason, Sunglasses are not only functional they are attractive too. Never buy sun glasses online, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes they have to fit perfectly with your face. Make sure it the frame works well with your face shape before purchasing.

Safety First.
Beach outings mean going into public places and sometimes leaving our things unattended. Be sure to check if your valuables are secure at all times. There is no excuse why safety does not come first. Do not make it easy for criminals to steal your jewelry, wallet, and gadgets.
Wearing hippie accessories are not only fashionable they also do not attract the attention of criminals. Even moderately expensive hippie rings, bracelets, and necklaces are not flashy enough to attract their interest. This leaves fewer valuables such as your cell phone and money to secure and protect. If confronted, remember none of these so called valuables are worth your life.
Fashionable hippie accessories always work regardless of venue, it is also great for most events. Crystal necklaces even work well with formal attire.
This is why Hippie necklaces are my favorite, even if I am not by strict definition a hippie. They go very well with a lot of my ensembles. I can use them when going to the mall, to parties, shopping, and the office.